Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tierra Del Fuego 2-9

We started the day with the usual Patagonia Pais breakfast of tea and toast. I talked with one of the owners and he allowed us to keep some of our stuff that we don't need for hiking in a locker for free as long as we stayed there the following night. We went to go SCUBA diving, and every agency told us to go to Club Afasim. We went to the club, but they didn't have an opening until 3pm. The early group was a group of creepy men. We decided to go straight to Tierra del Fuego. We searched the town for Stephanie like CIA agents and found her in an internet cafe. We got food for the camping trip and cheese sandwiches for lunch. We went back to the hostel, but they said we weren't allowed to use the bathrooms or anything. They were very rude to us since we weren't paying for that night. I took all of our dirty clothes to a laundry place, and by the time I got back, they kicked the girls out of the hostel. I was furious. Our transfer bus picked us up and took us to Tierra del Fuego (50 Argentinian Pesos for the bus and the same for entry into the park). At the park, we saw a lot of beautiful horses. We took a side trail to see a waterfall. It wasn't really a waterfall, but I thought it was cool....long story short my boots got soaked. Then, we followed the Pampa Alta trail to campsite Ensenada. Along the way, we were chased by a pregnant horse or so the girls say. One said that she doesn't trust anything pregnant...haha. For dinner, we boiled water from the river and cooked pasta. Stephanie and I asked two guys from Wales to help start a large fire...long story short I burned my socks.

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