Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We arrived in Puerto Natales around 10:30pm last night. We checked into Hospedaje Magellanes. It was 5,400 pesos with the mini hostel card. It was dirty, the bathrooms were filthy, and a guy woke me up because he was snoring like a freight train. However, they have the most amazing breakfast. I made myself an egg and ham sandwich and also had, bread, manjar, jelly, a banana, and some awesome pink juice. We went to Omar's hostel but it was filled. Then we went to Niko's. It is 7,500 pesos, but I think it is definitely worth it. The lady is super nice and the place is spotless. It also has a huge map of Torres del Paine in the kitchen. We first planned out our route for the park and we made reservations for the Zodiac for 75,000 pesos. It's a boat we take from an entrance of Torres del Paine to see Glacier Balmaceda and Maritomos. Then, we went shopping at Abu-Goush or what I call Babu-Ganoosh. I got most of the food I needed for the trip there. Then, the girls went to lunch at a pizza place, while I went to a meeting about Torres del Paine which was supposed to start at started at 4pm. On the way to the meeting, I found the two guys from Wales. We all had Chacareros from a little yellow stand. It was the best burger I've ever had and it was only 1,500 pesos. The meeting was very informative. We actually learned a lot from it. During the meeting, Esteban called me just to see how everything was going. From the meeting, we finished getting what we needed and I found this awesome dry fruit stand. The lady was flattered that I wanted to take a picture with her. From a souvenir store, I bought an orange head band, a cool shirt, and a bandana/map of Torres del Paine. A girl who worked at the store goes to school in Santiago. For dinner, I cooked eggs with tomatoe and green pepper. It was reall good. At dinner, a lady told us that she only got through two days of the circuit because the weather was so bad. In the middle of the day, and old man said he came down...or over from Sydney, Australia to do the circuit, but he just found out he has blood clot in his leg. Now, he can only do one day at the Torres. I felt so bad for him.

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