Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stressful Planning 3-22

Thursday in Poetry class, I said a sentence that has a double meaning which was apparently sexual. It was so funny because I didn't even realize it. Friday, I woke up early and the gang and I ran to the gym playground. Then, I went to Lider with Laura and Eli to buy food for Hanna's birthday party. After that, Laura and I went to Club Magiko to make reservations, but it was a little too sketchy. I then got ice cream at Bravissimo with the gang. After signing up for my state photo copies, I had dinner and went to polo practice. It was great. The guys were really good and I was dead afterwards. P.S. I feel in love with the NUTS4NUTS stand...honey roasted peanuts. Straight from practice, I went to Hanna's party. The whole time there, I tried to find a club online for us to go to. Finally, Laura, Eli, and I walked over to Huracan and they agreed to let everyone in for free. Hanna liked it, so it went well. I was dead tired. We took a 9am bus to El Tabo. The house we rented was gross. I had to buy gas for the stove and almost got attacked by a dog in the process. At first, the gas didn't work, but the gas man, who I called Jorge, came and fixed it. Most of us went to the beach for the day, and just relaxed and talked. I collected a few shells. At night, I played soccer with other people...requirement was you had to be in your sleeping bag. Today, I woke up and made eggs for Eli, Rob, Hanna, and me. We took the 9:45am bus back to Santiago. I was nice and went to a Methodist church with Hanna. We were the only ones there...seriously. It was a very powerful mass and we really connected with the pastor and the band. We talked to them for awhile. I plan to go to a meeting there next Saturday.

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