Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, our guide for the colcano told us the weather was too bad to go at 4am, so we were going at 7am. We woke up at 6am and had some cereal. Once we put all of our gear on, we went to the transfer van. We slept most of the way to Volcan Villarrica. Once there, we were told the clouds were covering too much of the volcano for us to go up safely. After a few crazy pics with some new friends, we went back to the hostel. We packed up all of our stuff and put it in Gustavo's make-shift office. Gustavo is from Uruguay and he's trying to travel for two years on a $200/month budget. He was working at backpacker's to pay for his stay. For lunch, I had two huge hotdogs with tomatoe, mayo and avocado. In the afternoon, Hanna and I went Hidrospeeding (spanish spelling). It's like white-water rafting, but instead of a raft, you use a boogie board. It was INSANE!!! I loved going up, down and through the huge class III and IV waves. Hidrospeed is only practiced in Chile and France. I don't know why it's not more popular. It's definitely the craziest and most fun extreme water sport. For dinner, Hanna, Lauren and I ate at Mama's and Tapas which of course I called Mama's and Papa's. It was a little expensive, but my pork sandwich that was called Churrasco Mamas was really good. After dinner, we got all of our bags and took a taxi to the bus terminal because we were almost late. We made the bus at 9pm and were on our way back to Santiago. I LOVE SOUTHERN CHILE! CHI-CHI-CHI LAY-LAY-LAY VIVA CHILE!!!

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