Monday, March 23, 2009

Gnarly Dude!!! 3-8

The surfing lesson was at 11am, and Hanna and Fernando showed up. Hanna took the class with us. Apparently, Fernando is a really good surfer. The class consisted of four other people with us. We went out pretty far at first. I caught one good wave, but I couldn't coordinate my feet well enough to stand. In the shallows, I was able to stand for a few seconds. David was able to stand for the longest. When we returned to the school, we met a nice guy named Carlos and we ate lunch with him. He lived in St. Louis for awhile and now lives in Santiago. He loves to surf. Then, David and Joe went to the supermarket, and I got a rock and a crab claw from the beach. I talked to two nice old ladies at the palm tree park. We took the 6:45pm bus back to Santiago.

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