Friday, March 20, 2009

I Smell Taco Bell! 3-1

We woke up and had a few handfuls of Cheerios becasue we found out that breakfast was not included. Then we started our Mapuche Cultural Tour with our guide Max. We first went to a small bnuilding where small Mapuche meetings are held. It had beautiful paintings and satchels of the Mapuche. Then, we went to a lady's house where we learned and practiced weaving. It was really interesting. We then had a Mapuche lunch. We ate really good soup that smelled like Taco Bell, kinoa (small rice), cucumber, pepper and bamboo salad, and pimeons (small vegetables that look like Nan's white flowers). It was super good with pear juice. I got a jar of rosa moscata mermalada for my host mom. Back in Pucon, I talked to my mom and Corinne online. I think I'm super homesick! Then for dinner, I made myself 4 cheeseburgers which were absolutely delicious (4 burgers + 4 rolls = 500 pesos)! Then, Lauren and I went to church at 8pm. Afterwards, I tried on my equipment for the big hike up Volcan Villarica tomorrow.

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