Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Week in Buenos Aires

I don't really have much to do during the day, so two days ago I went to the zoo and a farm exposition and today I went to the basilica, a cementary and two museums. Here a few pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Alive in Buenos Aires

Sorry, I haven't written in awhile. I am alive and well. The last few weeks were pretty rough for me because I had to say goodbye to a lot of friends and family in Santiago. On July 20th, I took a 24 hour bus to Buenos Aires and arrived the 21st around 1pm. Here, I'm one hour ahead of the east coast of the US. The first two days I've been here, it has rained and been really cold. I'm a little overwhelmed because I feel like I'm in the heart of NYC. The city is alright, but a little to busy for me. Today, the sun is out but it is still 50 degrees with a strong wind. I live in an 8th floor apartment with a nice family. I get along with them pretty well, and so far so good. Yesterday, I had my first day of orientation at the Universidad del Salvador. In my program, they're people from Puerto Rico, Colombia, France, England, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and only a few from the US. Now, I don't have really anything to do until August 18, so I might try to travel. My plans are to see Iguazu Falls, the cities of Mendoza, Bariloche and Montevideo, Uruguay. This is just what I'm thinking. I still need to get to know the city because it's so darn big. With my family, I talk a lot about if they don't like it...too bad. I had such a great experience in Santiago. I passed all my classes and survived a final oral exam of state theory...rough. All in all, everything is great and I'm excited to start all over again in Buenos Aires...even though I wish I was in the US enjoying the summer and seeing all of you guys. MISS YOU ALL!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Think Hannah Montana Was At My Water Polo Game!!!

June 17: I found out that a water polo teammate from Loyola died of a heart attack. He was a grad-student and had just recently graduated with his masters at the age of 33. Each member of the water polo team wrote a letter to his spouse. I received a 4.4 on my second philosophy exam. At practice my teammates were upset that to find out that I'd be leaving in a month. The whole fam is at the farm and I'm super jealous.

June 18: I received a 5.3 on my second state exam. My brother Pablo had an interview with Greenland high school to become a history and human rights teacher.

June 19: I went to the national library to study and Meredith told me about Cecilia Vicuna's poems. I read a few, and they're incredible. At night, I wrote my poem for class:

Sueño mío

Caminando por las estrellas,
Busco la única que brilla.
La estrella que me llevará a mi sueño de paz.
La misma paz que yo compartía años atrás
Con las personas que extraño durante esta noche oscura.
Estoy solo, solo con mi sueño;
El sueño de mi vida pasada.
Mi vida no sólo ha perdido su sentido,
Sino que sus esperanzas también.
Tengo que salir de esta vida.
Tengo que encontrar algo mejor.
Tengo que volver a mi pasado.
Sólo puedo esperar, soñar y rogar
Que el último día se acerque con prisa.
Dios mío, Dios mío, sé mi estrella.
No me abandones otra vez.

-Josh Barnes

June 20: I made hamburgers with Meredith for the family. I never realized how much I missed burgers. I'm dying for a five guy's burger. I went out with Pablo, Meredith and Hector. Meredith taught us all how to dance salsa.

June 21: At night, I went to the birthday party of the seminarian in our group. I tried to joke with the seminarians, but they were a little dry. A poor guy on the street told me to go back to the US because I didn't give him money.

June 22: Matthew from Univ. Cali. San Diego is now living with us. He's studying psychology at the Catholic Univ. here.

June 26: The past week I had a philosophy exam, a poetry exam and a state exam. Laura's father came to visit her and we went to Bravissimo, so everyone could meet him. I prepared my Poetry Presentation.

June 27: I went to Cerro Santa Lucia and the artesan fair there.

June 28: At mass, I read the second reading. A girl named Montserrat received her first communion. After mass, I met a Trinitarian who's been to the retreat house I went to senior year of high school.

June 29: Feast of Saint Paul

June 30: I received a 5.0 on my recuperation state exam. This exam takes the place of the 4.0 that I received on the first exam. I received a 5.3 on my third philosophy exam. David and I received a 6.7 on our poetry presentation. Pablo got the job at the high school and today was his first day. My host mom told me that she doesn't want to live a long life because she thinks old people just pester people.

July 3: Last Wednesday, I had my final exam for hard that my head hurt afterwards. Thursday, I had my third state exam. I had my last poverty class, and handed in my final essay.

July 4: At 9:30am, I went to the US Embassy here to watch the ceremony of the raising of the American flag. I got free Starbucks and McDonald's. We had a cook-out at the house. I had a polo game. Then, I went to the cook-out at my friend Esteban's house. I bought my new camera. At night, I went out with Pablo, Meredith and Hector.

Today: I went to mass. Then, I had a water polo game at the national stadium. We played against the city of Valparaiso. We won by a lot and I scored 4 goals. I have no clue why, but before the was playing and they played "Everyone Makes Mistakes" by Hannahtana.