Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Alive in Buenos Aires

Sorry, I haven't written in awhile. I am alive and well. The last few weeks were pretty rough for me because I had to say goodbye to a lot of friends and family in Santiago. On July 20th, I took a 24 hour bus to Buenos Aires and arrived the 21st around 1pm. Here, I'm one hour ahead of the east coast of the US. The first two days I've been here, it has rained and been really cold. I'm a little overwhelmed because I feel like I'm in the heart of NYC. The city is alright, but a little to busy for me. Today, the sun is out but it is still 50 degrees with a strong wind. I live in an 8th floor apartment with a nice family. I get along with them pretty well, and so far so good. Yesterday, I had my first day of orientation at the Universidad del Salvador. In my program, they're people from Puerto Rico, Colombia, France, England, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and only a few from the US. Now, I don't have really anything to do until August 18, so I might try to travel. My plans are to see Iguazu Falls, the cities of Mendoza, Bariloche and Montevideo, Uruguay. This is just what I'm thinking. I still need to get to know the city because it's so darn big. With my family, I talk a lot about if they don't like it...too bad. I had such a great experience in Santiago. I passed all my classes and survived a final oral exam of state theory...rough. All in all, everything is great and I'm excited to start all over again in Buenos Aires...even though I wish I was in the US enjoying the summer and seeing all of you guys. MISS YOU ALL!!!

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