Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Glacier Martial 2-8

Our hostel is called Patagonia Pais. It is such an open and friendly place. Last night, I met a very nice couple from Sweden. After dinner, we went to a club called Kaitek. We had fun playing two truths and a lie and never have I ever. I woke up this morning to Hanna shoving my phone in my face. I couldn't hear my alarm because I was wearing ear plugs. After breakfast, we went to the tourist center and got info on buses, SCUBA diving, trails, and a map of Tierra del Fuego. We got our passports stamped three times with "El fin del mundo." Unfortunately, dogsledding is only in the winter. I tried to use my ATM card, but Bank of America froze my card because I didn't tell them I was going to Argentina. We then went to the End of the World Prisoner Museum, Yamana Museum, and the Antigua Casa Museum. Each museum was very interesting. Afterwards, we ate lunch at el Griego. The best thing we ate was the Napolitana pizza. It was so good. Then, we hiked Glacier Martial. It took four hours from the ocean to the top. It sucked going up, but it was definitely worth it. It was absolutely incredible. It was so great to complete the difficult hike and have a great view of the water. Then, we took a taxi from the bottom of the glacier to the supermarket. For dinner, we had stir-fried carrots, onions, and bell peppers with beef. There was so much fat on the beef that we had to cut off, but it ended up being a great dinner.

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