Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day One of Torres 2-13

We got up at 6am. The nice lady, Gladys, made us toast and tea. She also told the driver to come back in 10 minutes so we could eat. The Zodiac was awesome...well worth 75,000 pesos. They gave us a huge lunch with two sandwiches, sushi, and a bunch of snacks. Our boat driver was a daredevil. He would driver right up to waterfalls and swerved back and forth in front of a huge boat. We were able to see a seal. The waterfalls and glaciers were incredible and I was able to eat a thousand year old piece of ice. After the trip, a chouffer dropped us off at one of the entrances of Torres del Paine at the administration building. Entrance into the park was only 4,000 pesos. It would have been 15,000 pesos, if we didn't have Chilean IDs. From a park ranger, we found out that Campamiento Italiano was closed. Our first day of trekking was only 1.5 hours. For dinner, we made jumbalaya. I loved the sausage.

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