Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chilly Chile Coco Pop! 2-14

We woke up at 7am, but it was raining really hard and was really windy so we slept in until 8am. I had a crazy dream about a plane taking off the top of a building to go to a movie theatre and right before it crashed, I flew out of it and watched the crash. I went to find Corinne, but Stephanie grabbed my leg and wouldn't say anything. It was like she was in shock....weird dream. Last night, I thought our tent was going to collapse because it was so windy. The trek to Campamiento Paine Grande took three hours. During one long stretch about the length of 1.5 football fields it was incredibly windy. Hanna was blown over. I made a short video of the crossing. I got a picture of the Chilean Fire Bush. I wrote Team Chilly Chile Coco Pop 2009 on the shed at Campamiento Carretas...don't ask how we came up with it...we don't know. I also got a picture of a rainbow. Halfway along our trek we hit Pehoe Lookout. The water was the coolest shade of blue I've ever seen. Campamiento Paine Grande was 3,500 pesos per person. We decided to take a nap. I napped from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. When I woke up we played a few rounds of blackjack. I ran into the Swedish family we met at Patagonia Pais. They are staying in the refugio and finishing their trekking tomorrow. They were eating cheeseburgers that were the size of the white plates at my house in the US. Before our nap, we had bread with PB and Nutella mixed. It was really good. Before making dinner, I ran into Sergio who we first met at the Santiago airport and stayed with at Backpackers' Paradise. He is on his sixth day in the park. He's already done the backside of the circuit. Tomorrow, he's taking the same route we are. For dinner, we ate "Headbangers and Moshpits"...or what it's really called "Bangers and mash"...sausage, mashed potatoes and peas. I also had strawberry juice and green tea. We ate with a really nice couple from Dublin, Ireland. After dinner, we ran into our buddies from Wales. They were exhausted. They went all the way up to Glacier Grey and back. They say that the glacier is incredible. Then, I brushed my teeth and took pictures of the tent. the couple from Sweden told me that at Campamiento Cuernos, our next campamiento, some of the people's tents were flooded. I really hope that the weather holds for us. So today is Valentine's day...that's all I'm going to say. I miss you! I wish I could have lunch with my whole family. I miss being able to laugh really hard. Right now Hanna is popping her blisters. I think I'm going to leave mine alone and see what happens. My feet hurt, but I think they're just calliscing over which I don't mind. Here's hoping for a warm and dry night. Chilly Chile Coco What? Blazing Torres Now!

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