Monday, March 16, 2009

Cliffs, Slides, and Waterfalls 2-26

We woke up at 8:30am and had cheerios and yogurt for breakfast. Then, we went to Pachamagua. There we were given two wet suits, gloves, socks, old shoes and helmets. Our guides were Andres and Alvaro. It took about 45 minutes to drive to the park. We got into all of our gear in the parking lot. Then, we trekked up the mountain alongside Rio Blanco for about half an hour. For the first slides we did, we went down on our butts facing forward. Then since we paid for the whole day, we did the first few slides again. This time we went down headfirst on our stomachs and backs. On one big slide, we went down sitting backwards. It ws really cool. Then, we had lunch which consisted of a vegetarian sandwich the size of the white plates at home. We also had a durazno and orange juice. The sandwich was super good. After lucnh, we did a few more slides and jumps. We also did what they called the matrix which was running along a wall until you were parallel with the ground and then jump into a pool of water. I was the only one to do the super jump. It was only 8-9 meters so it really didn't phase me. After that jump, we repelled down next to a giant waterfall. It was beautiful. Then, I was able to jump inside the waterfall which was my favorite part. Alvaro jumped into the waterfall from 15 meters. I was crazy jealous. Before we went back to the hostel, we bought bus tickets for Pucon for tomorrow at 5:45pm. They were only 7,000 pesos. Back at the hostel, we met two college students from Santaigo...Gabriela and Camilla. We got ice cream with them and walked alonside the lake. After that, we went to dinner with them. I had a pure crab lump which was fantastic. We also shared a huge plate of all kinds of shellfish. Before we went to bed, Hanna and I played chess (stalemate). We also met a guy from Sweden and a guy from Australia. The guy from Sweden said there's a Swedish holiday called V....? which is at the end of April. It celebrates the end of winter. He also explained other cool Swedish holidays and how popular Schnopp's is in Sweden.

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