Thursday, March 12, 2009

Physical and Mental Breakdown 2-17

For dinner last night, we had spiral noodles with chicken flavoring. We woke up at 4:30am and climbed up a mountain next to the Torres in order to see them at sunrise. The views were absolutely incredible. We were only able to see about 75% of the Torres because they were covered by clouds, but it was still beautiful. We were able to see a rainbow that traversed an entire mountain. Climbing down was was straight down loose rock. Once we got down, I was freezing cold because it rained at the top of the mountain and it was really windy. I couldn't even move my hands enough to put my sleeping bag away. I was done with everything. I just wanted to leave. Once we started the trek, I changed my socks. The socks that I were wearing had little pieces of rubber on the bottom and because of them I got a lot of blisters. Once we got to the next refugio, I felt better and really wanted to finish the circuit. We said goodbye to Lauren and Stephanie. At the refugio, Hanna and I dried our tent because it was really sunny out. We then met Max and Stewart from the UK. Stewart is an accountant for a bakery in the UK. The trek to our next campamiento was really muddy, but we had good weather. At the end of the trek, we got attacked by mosquitoes. There were all over the campsite. When I took off my boots, my feet looked like they were dead. They were pruned, turning blue, and had a bunch of blisters.

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