Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Polo Game

So...I'm finally caught up with my blog. What I'm writing actually happened today. This morning, I talked to Matt on aim for awhile. It was really great to hear from him. I went to the helping class that's scheduled for my state class. It didn't help much because the grad student talks faster than the teacher, but whatever hopefully I can get my book tomorrow. I'm feeling more confident in philosophy because I can understand most of what the teacher is saying. After class, I went to wopo practice and paid the coach my membership fee. Come to find out, there was a scrimmage scheduled against the Chilean selection...the best 18yr old water polo players in all of Chile. We didn't fair too bad. I got scored on three times, but hey who's counting?!?! They just beat me down the pool. I think a few more weeks should help. I only shot once and it hit the top left corner and barred down, but I got just a bit too much bar. My whole team and I let out a big sigh because we thought it was going in. It just trickled on the line.

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