Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Semi-Cama?!?! 2-11

Hanna, a guy from California, and I played Egyptian Rat Screw for awhile before I went to bed. I also wrote out 9 postcards to be sent out. In the morning, we had sugar-flavored corn flakes and some milk. The guy at the desk, gave us each mini hotel cards which gives us 10% off a lot of hotels in South America. The walk to the bus station was a little over a half an hour. There was a little confusion on which bus to get on, but we were able to figure it out. I couldn't really sleep on the way to the border. We had to go through the Argentinian border control first and then the Chilean border control. Everybody says that Chile is really strict since they screen all of your bags, but luckily we didn't run into any trouble. Then Hanna had me listen to some "apparently" good country songs. I don't know what it is, but I hate country music. After crossing the border, I was able to get some sleep. For lunch, I just snacked on granola bars, granola, peanut butter, bread, and cookies. The bus dropped us off in Punta Arenas at 6pm and we had until 7:30pm before we left for Puerto Natales. Lauren and Stephanie went to a cafe to eat. Hanna and I went to the supermarket and bought plums, apple juice, a bagette, President's cheese (my fav), and cups of flan. The bus to Puerto Natales was a semi-cama which means you get a leg rest. We were able to sit on the upper level which would have been cool if it wasn't raining. We watched a movie with Vin Diesel...I think it was called "Babylon A.D." It was really bad. I think tomorrow will be our day to prepare for the big camping trip.

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