Monday, March 16, 2009

I Should Be an Artist 2-25

Yesterday, we spent all day on the bus. At one point we had to chang buses, and they left us at an incredibly windy gas station. On the bus, we watched a crazy movie with Dustin Hoffman, Kung Fu Panda, and Death Race. Death Race was really cool. Hanna and I played a lot of drawing games which were really funny. Today, before we crossed the border into Chile we ate all the food that we couldn't bring in. Crossing the border was pretty quick. We are now staying in Hospedaje Ellen Haus for 5,000 pesos a night. The first thing we did in Puerto Varas was make reservations for Canyoning on Rio Blanco (49,000 pesos). Hanna and I ate at Dino's. She got an avocado salad which she didn't realize was only avocado. I had cheese empanadas because today is Ash Wednesday. Before Church, we mad English pancakes (crepes) with lemon juice and sugar. After church, we met back up with Lauren.

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