Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Egg and Cheese Sandwich from Above 2-18

Hanna and I woke up around 8:30am even though my alarm was set for 9am. It rained pretty bad last night, but the ground wasn't too wet. Yesterday, I walked around barefoot, but this morning the ground was too cold...I wore my boots. Hanna had oatmeal and I had soup for breakfast. The mosquitoes were killing us again today. WE beat Max and Stewart out of Campamiento Seron. Then we leap-frogged back and forth with them and a bunch of other groups. We stopped at Campamiento Dickson around 4pm and we each had an egg and cheese sandwich with pepper and chili sauce. They were only 3,000 a piece. They were just what we needed to recharge our batteries. We headed off toward Campamiento Los Perros not knowing how far we would get before sunset. Max and Stewart decided to camp near the waterfall, but we pushed on. We finally made it to Los Perros at 9:30pm. We felt so overjoyed to sit down, take off our boots, and eat. We cooked cheese tortellini with mushroom/tomatoe sauce right outside the tent door because it was raining/SNOWING. We each had 1.5 servings of pasta and 6.5 servings of sauce. The view of the glacier from here is spectacular. I feel so relieved to be sitting down after almost 12 hours of trekking...19 miles. I'm so thankful there wasn't any rain today. I hope it stays that way...KNOCK ON WOOD. I hope the "pass" goes well tomorrow.

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