Monday, March 16, 2009

Nuts + Bolts= My Kind of Art 2-28

Today, I was the first to wake up. When Hanna woke up, I helped her get her trenza out. Her hair that was in it was gross. It was turning into a dreadlock. Then, I wrote a few postcards. For breakfast, we had ham, cheese, bread and jam, tea, fruit and incredible OJ. After breakfast, we checked into Ecole hostel which I call E. Coli...not for any reason...just because. From here, we walked around Pucon. Hanna bought me Lonely Planet South America as an early birthday present. I was so excited! Then, we went into this cool art shop, where a man made art out of nuts, bolts, nails, screws and metal. He was a really cool guy who lived in San Francisco for awhile. I bought a surfer and a drummer for 16,000 pesos. I also bought my black, gray, blue, white and orange bracelet from a small shop. Then, we met a guy who runs a ski program in Pucon and his parents were visting from Richmond, VA. His child was no more than 2 years old and could speak english and spanish. Hanna and i got sandwiches from RAP Hamburger... recommended by Lonely Planet. Then, we rented bikes. Of course, I had trouble learning to work the gears, but my bike was messed up so it wasn't my fault. I love second gear. We found a cool place to go atving and bungee trampolining. After that, we "moo"ed at some cows and then had dinner with David and Amanda Bell. P.S. Lemonade with mint is not good. At night, we went to the Hot Springs which were incredible. Each one was a different temperature and you could look up and see a bagillion stars. I've never seen so many stars. The termas only cost 10,000 pesos.

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