Monday, March 16, 2009

Lamb at its Best 2-22

I went to church at 11am at the main church in Puerto Natales. Before that, at breakfast, I talked to a couple from Australia. They are planning to do the W at Torres. The mass was very nice. At the end of mass, people kissed the feet of Jesus on the cross. It reminded me of going to church with Nan and kissing the wounds of Jesus. For lunch, we had salmon omlettes. Surprisingly, they were good. Then, we walked around near the port and got pics of the old pier, the emerging hand, and the bear. For dinner, we had cordillera del palo which is lamb prepared in a special southern Chilean way. It's stretched out over an open flame. Esteban recommended it and it was really good other than the patch of hair I had on mine. I think I ate the tongue too! P.S. I had more banana milk. It didn't help my hasn't been feeling right since Torres...but it was GOOD!

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