Monday, March 16, 2009

I Don't Have to Camp Tonight!!! 2-21

I woke up at 10am and went down to have breakfast. I had my tea with milk and sugar and about five pieces of toast with butter and grape jelly. At breakfast, Hanna and I talked to three girls who were about to go to Torres del Paine. One was from France and one was from Mexico. Then, we went to the pharmacy to get shampoo, lotion for my feet, Q-tips, shaving cream, and orange chapstick which tastes really good. Then, we went to Mesita Grande for lunch. We shared a king crab pizza and a lamb pizza. I love lamb! Then, we went to the internet cafe and I was able to talk to my mom and Corinne. It was great to hear from them. I'm happy that they are going to lunch together tomorrow. When we got back to Niko's our laundry was done. On our way to dinner, we stopped in a few shops to get Hanna and Stephanie Torres del Paine T-shirts. We also ran into Max. Apparently, he and Stewart got out of the park 6 hours before we did. We ate at the Rincon something. It had mannequins out front. I had Spaghetti a la Parisienne. It was really good. Then, we had Crepe de Tata which was banana, honey, cream, and ice cream...AWESOME! Then, I had a fresh peach.

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