Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Have All the Years Gone?

To start off my birthday, Corinne and her roommates called me and sung happy birthday. I couldn't stop smiling. Then at breakfast, my host mom told me how great of a person I was...I almost started to cry. Then, I opened my box of goodies from my parents...peanut butter, sour skittles, butterfingers, tootsie pops, OLD BAY, gum, confetti, and a happy birthday sign. I never realized how much I love candy. At class, my good friend Natacha gave me a cool book about Indigenous groups for my birthday. For dinner, Rob and Laura came over, and we had mussels and clams with OLD BAY....I was in heaven. Then, I went over to Eli's house for some more sweets. I brought Mama Ana some Old Bay. She loved the smell. The pastry she made was kind of like pancakes with melted caramel. It was really good.

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