Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Burger That They Served on Noah's Ark

Well, hello there. Thursday was nothing special; just another day of class. At night, I went to my friend Esteban's house to play Madden 08 until 3am...he beat me in all 7 games. Friday, I read literally all day until my head hurt. At water polo practice, we worked on ball control and anticipation on defense. Then, we scrimmaged for about an hour. Afterwards, I went to Esteban's to watch the end of the Brewers/Mets game. The Mets won in the bottom of the ninth. Esteban was bragging about how latino ballplayers are really good...which is true. We played one game of Madden, and I actually won. It was like a miracle because he's beat me the last 20some times. I was the Ravens and he was the Vikings. Saturday, I went to Santa Lucia to study for a bit. There was a really cool, young religious group there singing some pretty cool songs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Corinne's name at Santa Lucia....she wrote her name on one of the rocks there when she studied in Chile during high school. After studying, I went shopping and bought two jerseys and a sweater. One jersey is of the Chilean National soccer team and the other is of la Universidad de favorite professional Chilean soccer team. Soooo...the sweater. You might think it's ridiculous, but I absolutely love it....judge for yourself. And yes, it will stretch out. I need to soak it in water. It's made up sheep's wool. At about midnigt, I had second dinner with a few friends at the Break House. I had a really good burger called the Noah Burger. It had lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, chili sauce, and mayo. It was surved in a plastic container that looked like Noah's, just kidding. Today, I went to 9am mass, and then studied until lunch. At lunch, I called my grandmother a liar...we are close enough that I can do that...because she said that she saw on tv that a boy ate a seed of somesort, then it somehow got into his lung, and then it grew into a plant. Guess what? She was right. We saw pictures of it and the article on line. We also watched a video of Susan Boyle, the lady from British Idol. In the afternoon, I sadly watched la Universidad de Chile lose to Colo Colo...a team that I think of as the Yankees. Not fun, when most of the city cheers for Colo Colo.

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