Friday, April 24, 2009

First Tests

Wednesday was my first test this semester. It was for my modern philosophy class. The test focused on three works written by Rene Descartes. I think I did alright. I studied with my Chilean friend, Natacha, before the test. The teacher came in the class, read off three questions, and then we had an hour and a half to right three essays. I ended up writing a total of three pages. It was a little rough, but not too bad. I think I did better on my state test Thursday. I understood the questions better, and I feel I knew a lot more. The test format was the same. I wrote three and a half pages for this test. After my philosophy test Wednesday, I bought an as from school. Yes, it's spelled right. An as is like a philly cheese steak with avocado, mayo, and tomatoe. It was so good. It's definitely my favorite Chilean fast food. For $1.50, I got an as that was as big as a subway footlong roll and juice...can't get better than that. Wednesday night at water polo practice, we played in the outdoor pool that we usually do, but now it has a huge globe over it...thank was getting cold. Yesterday, I planned a trip to the north of Chile with a friend who also goes to Loyola in Maryland. We are going to Iquique, San Pedro de Atacama, and Antofagasta between May 21st and May 25th. We got an unbelievable deal on the plane tickets. This morning, we went to the bus station and bought our tickets, so we can travel between the cities up north. This afternoon, I got my haircut. I don't know. I think I like talking to the hairdressers here more. In the states, sometimes it's just awkward.

Last Sunday, a sophomore from Loyola in Maryland was killed in a hotel room in Towson. Her parents and little sister came down for the weekend, and it is suspected that her father killed the whole family and then himself. He is suspected to have been involved in illegal scandals with his clients. He was a lawyer in New York. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Stephanie. I just want to say to all my family and friends that I love you and that I really, really miss you. What I've learned from this is to not take anything or ANYONE for granted.

With All the Love I Can Give


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