Monday, April 13, 2009

Soccer and Jesus

Saturday morning, Brittany told me that the University of favorite team...had a game that night and she really wanted to go. We went to the stadium at 10am to get tickets for the game at 6:30pm. We talked to a few fans in line and they told us that the game that night against Santiago Morning...which Brittany and I called Sunday Morning...would be an easy win for the U. Well, we went to the game, but the U didn't play too well. They had some chances, but couldn't capitalize. Every good chance Sunday Morning had, they were able to put it in the back of the net. The U lost 3-1. The one awesome thing about the game was that everytime Sunday morning scored, the U fans would cheer even louder to get the U back in the game. After the game, I went to the Easter Vigil with my family. For Easter, it was just like any other Sunday. My family didn't do anything out of the ordinary. At night, I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar with Rob, Eli, Laura, Hanna, and Pia. I forgot how much I loved this musical. It was absolutely phenomenal. Even though it was in spanish, the music and rhythm were exactly the same as they are in english. The actors were really great, especially Jesus and King Herod.

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