Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That's Just the Way It Is

Monday was just a normal day of class. At water polo practice, we practiced with the Chilean selection again. They left for the South American Cup in Argentina Tuesday. Yesterday for my state class, my teacher came late, so he sped through his notes. I didn't get much of what he said. In poetry, we had a paper due on racism in Chile. I interviewed my family here to get an understanding of the topic. The indigenous people in Chile, the Mapuche, are not liked because some Chileans are just ignorant of their culture and also because some Chileans feel that they are just different and shouldn't be in Chile. Most Chileans don't like Peruvians or Bolivians because there is a history of border conflicts, which Chile has won. Currently, there are disagreements of Pacific Ocean ownership. At night, I went to Cerro Navia for service. When I got there, I found out that one of the boys of the population I work with had died. I never met the boy, Christopher, but the social worker I work with, Ximena, had known him for two years. Apparently, everyone knows who killed him, but nothing will be said because it was a close friend of all the boys, even Christopher. I was told this all occurred at a party, where everyone was really drunk. The social workers told me that that's how life is there. It's just a really complicated situation. When I got back to the foundation after walking around with Ximena, I taught an english class to some of the neighborhood kids. They were extremely obnoxious, but fun. Today, I went to the Argentinean Consulate and Embassy. Both places told me that I can't get a student visa, unless I study there for at least two years. They told me to go as a tourist.

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