Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So I Fought Nature and It Kicked My Butt

Just for clarification: I bought a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad...not 2 sleeping bags...thanks Dave. Sunday I went to Cascada de Animas (Waterfall of Spirits) to go white water rafting. It was $80 USD for transportation, rafting, lunch, and we could use the pool. So for my boat, my guide was named Benjamin (say it with a spanish accent). He gave us instructions in spanish and we were off. About 5 minutes into the trip, we hit a huge bolder and our boat got stuck on top of it. When the boat fell off, I was thrown into the river. The only scary part was, at first, I couldn't come up because I was under the boat. When I was able to surface, Benjamin threw me a rope, and the rescue boat picked me up. Then, I was taken back to the boat. I thought it was awesome. My favorite part was sitting in the front and getting hit by all the waves. No one else was thrown from their boat. After that, we went to the pool and then hiked to the waterfall which was incredible. I stood under the waterfall, but was yelled at by the guide because apparently I could have been hit in the head with a rock from above...woops. After getting back from the trip, I went to a show at La Moneda. The show featured a 50 feet woman/puppet which was held up by a crane. The show was incredible. Yesterday, I bought more stuff for my camping adventure. Today, I visited a place where I might do service. It was called Centro Abierto. It's an after school program for underpriveleged kids. The workers there took us to the house of two of kids who go there. We were able to talk to the family for about a half hour. It was really eye opening to see the poor side of Chile because I live in a city which can be compared to New York.

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  1. This boat story was just as thrilling as your boat story with Jimmy....Don't worry Jim,that is truly one boat experience Josh will NEVER forget...JOSH PLEASEEEEEE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!! Watch out for falling rock.Love, Mom