Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cirque de Soleil?!?!

My family, a friend from Boston College, and I went to a play called "Entre Millones" last night. Well...I thought is was going to be a play, but it turned out to be like a small Cirque de Soleil performance. It was absolutely incredible and the performance was free. The performers were so strong and athletic. I was amazed. After the performance, I got a picture with my family and another with Robert, my friend from BC, in front of La Palacia de Moneda...the building where the president works. Then after that I went to a cafe and got a mango milkshake...out of this world. This morning I went for a run around Providencia and when I was stretching in the park named El Parque de Aviaciones, a poor, old lady came up to me and told me her life story. Apparently, she had a boyfriend in the US that owned part of the Hilton hotel business. Then, she wanted me to bring her to my house to get water. I pretended I didn't know the name of my street. I'm about to go to church, and then I think I'm going to the zoo!


  1. I am packing my bags right this minute...Miss you, Josh......Love, Mom

  2. Josh, I have enjoyed reading your daily journal
    entries and the pictures are fantastic. I am very happy you are enjoying your HOME away from HOME. If you need ANYTHING, please let me know.
    Love, Uncle Dennis

  3. Hey Josh,
    I'm glad you're having a great time, it sounds like so much fun! The performance you saw looked so good from the video! good luck with your classes!

  4. Thanks Uncle Dennis!
    Thanks Kristan. I hope your classes are going well.

  5. eyy how is it
    are you legaly allowed to consume adult beverages or for my man Pablo "Cervesaz"