Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Corinne, why did I like the giraffes so much?

Sunday, after church, I went to the zoo with three friends from the US. It was about a half hour walk. The zoo is on the side of a mountain called el Cerro San Cristobal. This zoo was huge. We spent almost four hours there just looking at all the animals. The view of the city from the mountain was incredible. Yesterday, I started classes. I had a class called Latinamerican Stories and another called Conversation. In my Conversation class, we tried some tongue twisters in spanish. It was so funny. Today, I have a grammar class. Yesterday, I tried to go to a public pool with most of my class, but we got lost many times. When we finally got there, the pool was closed. So...I went to dinner with a few of the students just so we could say that we did something =P After class today, we are going straight to the pool, now that we know where the pool is. Last night, my Chilean host brother passed his final exam to become a teacher, and he already has a small job. FYI: the hole in the toilet here is facing the front, not the back like in the states. (Go look at your toilet.) PS I'm going to try to get tickets for an Elton John concert here in February!


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  2. Will Billy be with Elton?? Josh,your answer better be NO.....I am so jealous. Love, Mom