Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Burned to a Crisp!

Yesterday, I went to the pool after class. The pool was really nice. It was at one of the best private high schools in Santiago. Everyone had a great time there, but we all got burned a little bit. Today in class, I had to present a story to the class with a partner. We all had to read the story for homework, but Rob and I directed the conversation in we were the teachers. The teacher said we did a great job! After class, I walked to see the stadium where Elton John is playing. The stadium is huge, and I also found an amusement park called Fantasy Land. After a huge lunch, most of the group went to a mountain called Santa Lucia. It has many beautiful statues and crazy winding steps. There I tried a juice called el jugo de mote con huesillos. The juice was really good, but the peach and corn inside the drink was gross. After Santa Lucia, we went to a kind of flea market for tourists, and I bought a really nice Chilean flag for my room. The vendors there spoke so fast and they mumbled, so it was really hard to understand them. Tonight, I went to an Improv show. I didn't understand most of it because they spoke so fast, but at the end I was able to put most of it together. At the show, I met a guy from Thailand, who speaks Thai, English, and is learning Spanish. He is a chef at a Thai restaurant in Providencia. Tomorrow, as a class, we are going to get Chilean IDs.

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  1. Josh,I am glad to hear your juice was gross....My ice tea was gross after you put orange marmalade in it. I should have known you were practicing for Chile. REMEMBER SUNSCREEN.Glad to hear your classes are going great..Love, Mom