Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Day...Yesterday

My flight in Atlanta was delayed five hours, but it didn't cause any problems for me in Chile. Apparently, I'm in a group of about 30 students from different Jesuit universities in the US. Everyone in the group is very friendly. When I arrived in Chile, I took a bus with my group to la Universidad Alberto Hurtado. We met our host families for the first time there. My host mother is incredible. She is very nice and a great cook. Her son, Pablo, is also very nice and we get along very well. I'm able to understand most of what they say and they do help me a lot with my spanish. They don't know much english, but Pablo knows some english words. I also live with another international student named Nicky. He is from Germany, but he goes to Stanford. In the afternoon, I went for a walk around Santiago with Pablo. Santiago is very beautiful. Every building has a different type of architecture and is a different color. I'm having trouble getting used to the peso, but it will come with time. I have my own room which is pretty big. We don't have air condition which stinks because it is incredibly hot here, and it is still somewhat hot at night. My family here is great, but I'm not totally comfortable yet. I guess I'll feel more comfortable as days pass. So far, so good.

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  1. Josh this is so exciting I'm so happy for you!! I can't wait to see pictures of Santiago :)