Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chile Can Be Disturbing and Beautiful

On Tuesday, I went to a contemporary museum and it was so weird. One of the artists used his own tears, blood, and something else I don't want to mention to make his pieces of art. There was a room of embalmed dogs having a party, and two were hanging from the ceiling. There was a similar room with embalmed cats. One cool room had a man and desk made completely out of gold tacks. However, the most disturbing room was the room of art made of shaved human bones, and the music in the room was the sound of the artist cutting the bones. The next day we went to Pablo Neruda's house in Providencia. This house was absolutely amazing. I'm now a huge fan of Neruda. He lived such an interesting life. One of his best friends was Pablo Picasso. My favorite saying of his is "Hoy es hoy, ayer fue hay duda." "Today is today, yesterday was yesterday...there is no doubt." Today, I went to the top of Cerro San Cristobal which has a huge statue of Mary at the top. The statue is so beautiful, and so are the views of all of Santiago. What I really liked was the area next to the statue, where you can light candles and leave notes for Mary. It was a very emotional experience.

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