Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Won!!!

Friday night was my first water polo game with my club, Stadio Italiano. We played a team of old guys...I thinks the teams name was ORCOS or OSCS...let's call them DORKOS...yeah, that sounds better. I played pretty well. I was only kicked out once, and I was able to draw four kickouts. I scored twice, but one didn't count...I still don't know why. Anyways, we won 15-6 and the guys from my team asked me to go to dinner with them afterwards. It feels like they're accepting me as one of their own; it's awesome. Today, I bought a ticket for the world cup qualifier game this wednesday between Chile and Bolivia. Chile only needs to tie to qualify for the world cup. They beat Paraguay last night 2-0. Then friday morning, I'm off to Easter Island.

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