Friday, May 15, 2009

Rollercoaster Week

The week didn't start off too well. I was incredibly homesick (*fish) sunday night and all day monday. Then on monday, I received back my philosophy exam which didn't help my mood at all. I received a 2.2 out of 7. I was absolutely devastated. I was a mess. For each essay question, the teacher wrote that I didn't answer the questions that he asked. I was really confused because I thought that I did answer the questions in the way he wanted. He told me that we would talk wednesday after class. Tuesday, I didn't have to go to my social work, which was great because I was able to get a lot of reading done for my classes. Wednesday morning, I worked on a presentation for my poverty class which was due Thursday. With students that work with me where I do social work, we had to present to the class what we actually do at the Foundation Cerro Navia Joven. Before my philosophy, I met with my group and we split up the work that we needed to do for the powerpoint presentation. I then went to my philosophy class 30 minutes hoping to talk to my professor. He showed up less than 10 minutes before class started, but we still were able to talk. He read over my test again, and said that he could see that I studied really hard. He told me that I wrote about the metaphysics (theories of reason) of Descartes, instead of his basic themes. That was the only problem. What I wrote was correct, but it was about the theories of Descartes that must not have been important for the class. I understand now the difference in between the two types of theories...I's still confusing. He told me that for the next test that I should sit with the grad student who helps the teacher and tell him what I think about the answers before I begin to write. He'll make sure I'm on the right track. At the end of our conversation, my professor told to not worry about anything. He'll fix this first grade at the end of the semester. All in all I felt a little bit better afterwards. During the class, we learned about the philosopher Kant. I really tried to understand what his theories were, but I was a little lost. After the class, I went to the professor to clear up a few points and he was able to clear all of them up for me. It was a little confidence boost being able to understand what Kant's thoughts were. At water polo practice that night, all we did was scrimmage. I didn't like it because everybody came to practice...especially the ones that don't come when we swim for 75% of the practice. Anyways, I didn't get to play much because they don't trust me as a solid player yet. Thursday in my poetry class, I received an essay back which helped my mood a little. I received a 6.7. In the afternoon, my social work group presented our foundation to the class. The presentation lasted 40 minutes. It went very well. After class, I went to an artesan fair with Caitlin and Laura. A lady there tried to get me to buy a purple sweater with the head of a wolf on it. I love talking to people so I flattered her and tried it on and also told her why I was in Chile. I looked ridiculous in the sweater. I felt bad for saying no to the lady, but it definitely wasn't for me. After dinner, Caitlin, Laura and I went to Amanda W.'s volleyball game. From there, Caitlin and Laura went home, while I went with Amanda and Ken to Esteban's house. We had a good night playing madden and winning eleven. This weekend I need to get a lot done, because in two weeks I have a state exam and a philosophy exam. In addition to that, I'm travelling to the north of Chile next weekend, so I won't have much time to study. Oh...totally forgot. Happy birthday Rachel!!! I hope you like the beautiful sweater I sent you...haha.

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