Friday, May 8, 2009

First Grades

This week I got my first grades from three of my classes. The grading scale in Chile is 0.0 to 7.0; 7.0 being the highest. In my class called State: Transformations and Roles, I received a 4.0 on my three question essay exam. I'm not too happy, but the class is ridiculously hard...even if it was in english, it would be hard. Somehow a 4.0 on the Loyola grading scale equals a B-, so it's not that bad. In my class called Poverty and Development, I received a 6.5 on a two page paper I had to write on globalization. On the Loyola scale, 6.5 is an A. In my class called Poetry: Latin America and the Society, I received a 6.5 on my one question essay exam. So overall, I'm pretty happy. This weekend I have a lot to do. I have two papers, one oral presentation, and tons of reading for each class. Also, this sunday I'm taking my Chilean host mother out to dinner for Mother's Day. Tonight, we are having a big dinner because my Chilean host brother has his graduation from college tonight (2nd degree: 1st in history and now in teaching).
Wednesday night at wopo practice, we scrimmaged while wearing t-shirts and jean shorts. My best friend was on the other team. When he grabbed my t-shirt to keep me from swimming, I tried to swim faster, and accidently punched him in the nose. Now, he has a big bump on his nose, but luckily it's not broken. Hey...that's water polo and I was able to score because of it.

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