Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 Chileans and 1 Guy from Bawldamore

Monday night I met up with my friend, Esteban, and his two friends, Andreas and Marcelo, to go to Esteban's place in el Jardin del Mar in Vina del Mar. Esteban was born in the US, but most of his family lives in Chile. He studied abroad at Loyola College in Maryland when I was a freshman there. Marcelo is fully Chilean, and Andreas graduated from Arizona State, but he has family in Chile because his mom is Chilean. Monday night we just ate a late dinner and went to bed. I've fallen in love with tomatoe, mayo, and avocado sandwiches. They are so good! Yesterday, we went to the pool for a little bit, and then we played ping-pong. Esteban and I beat Marcelo and Andreas three straight games. Then we went to the beach for the rest of the day. It was cool to meet some of Esteban's friends and speak to them in spanish. After the beach, we got crab, razor clam, and ground beef empanadas...they were separate empanadas. They were absolutely incredible. After that we went to a dance club which was pretty cool. This morning I took a bus back to Santiago. Now I have to pack for my camping trip.

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