Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Return to My Two Motherlands!!!!


This past weekend I went back to Santiago Chile to see all my family and friends there one more time before I come back to the states. I´ll take it for it granted that you´re going to ask me how it went, so I´ll just save time and answer right now.


I landed in Santiago at 9pm and was picked up by my best friends Claudio and Ely. After lots of screaming and hugs, we went back to Ely´s house. They made fun of my accent because I was talking like an Argentinian instead of a Chilean....seriously, it´s really different. It took me the whole week to get my Chilean accent back. That night we had dinner and stayed up until midnight which was the beginning of Ely´s birthday.


Ely, Martina (Ely´s 5 yr old daughter) and I climbed to the top of Cerro Santa Lucia and saw the huge statue of the Virgen Mary. I bought a sticker and a patch of the mapuche (natives of chile).

Then, I surprised my host family with an unexpected visit and talked with them for a few hours. At night, a bunch of people from Ely´s family came over for her birthday dinner and afterwards we went dancing.


I woke up early and climbed Cerro Santa Lucia by myself and left something there for someone who means the absolute world to me. This person will study in Chile next semester and I miss this person so incredibly much. If you are reading this, and you know who you are, I want to tell you that you are an amazing person and can´t wait to see you again.

Then, I met up with Natacha who is a friend from my old philosophy and states classes in Chile. It was great to see her. After a whole bunch of stories, I gave her the argentinean jersey that she asked for and she gave my a hand-made statue of the Virgen Mary which she painted herself.

Then, I went to the house of my friend Cecy. I met her when I was in Chile because she studies english and will come to study at Loyola next fall. I talked to her mom and got the point across that Loyola is amazing and incredibly safe. Cecy is 20 yrs. old and has a boyfriend, from the US, who lives in Delaware. He´s 21. Big shock to me......she told me that they got engaged last Christmas! I know you have lots of questions, but I don´t know too much because I was just stunned and couldn´t think of any questions to ask her.

At night, I met up with Claudio, Ely and another good friend Pia. We went out dancing and had a good time.
These guys are my best best friends in Chile!!!!!!!!!

Claudio- (Right of me)I consider him a best friend/older brother. He´s 21 and is studying two majors at the same time in the communications department of Diego Portales...a great university in Santiago. I met him through Ely, his cousin. He took me twice to the house of his grandparents which you could compare to the "farm" without the river. He also went to Uruguay with me a few months ago.

Ely-(Second from right)I seriously consider her my older sister. She´s a goof ball just like me and is always good for a laugh. She has a beautiful 5 year old daughter named Martina who goes to Pre-K and everyday learns english. Ely is dating a guy who goes to Boston College and studied with me in Chile last semester. I met Ely because she was the host sister of Hanna who was a part of my program in Santiago.

Pia-(Furthest right)I would also consider her an older sister/good friend. She is Ely´s neighbor and studies design. She always comes out with us and even went to the chilean "farm" with us twice. She´s always laughing and is incredibly caring.


I was able to see my friend Valeria (studies english at my chilean university) for about an hour in the morning. She´s coming to the US (Wisconsin) on December 3rd and will work for a few months. She usually comes to the US once a year. Then, I went to mass with my host family and had lunch with them. It was like I never left the house. It was incredible.

Saying good-bye to everyone was extremely hard but I promised that I would return...when that will be, I don´t know....I will go back.

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